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Agents de Ports de Normandie
Who are we?

Ports of Normandy: offering comprehensive, competitive, flexible solutions

Ports of Normandy was created from an alliance forged between the Normandy Region, the Departments of Calvados, Manche and Seine Maritime, and the Agglomerations of Caen la Mer, Le Cotentin and Dieppe Maritime, with the aim of developing the ports and the local economy.  


At the centre of the coastline bordered by the English Channel, the 3 ports within Ports of Normandy – Caen-Ouistreham, Cherbourg and Dieppe – enjoy quality multimodal links to the main European corridors.  They have the facilities and capacity to handle various types of traffic and accommodate a wide range of activities: cross-Channel ferries, trade, cruises, yachting, fishing, etc.


The 3 ports, spread along more than 600 km of coastline, are located near offshore wind farms and just a few miles from the strongest sea currents in Europe. As a result, they are becoming a major player in the development of Marine Renewable Energies.

Useful information
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Our missions

By devising and implementing the development strategy of our 3 ports, we are helping to boost Normandy’s economic appeal.


We are coordinating work on the infrastructure to support this strategy with annual investment averaging almost €50m. 


We guarantee access to our 3 ports through dredging, maintenance and operation of mobile engineering structures (bridges, locks, etc.). 


We listen to our customers’ needs and make sure they are put in touch with the right people at our ports. 


We choose and work closely with those who operate our ports.

Pointe du siège Ouistreham

Our values

Complementarity, expertise and proximity are three assets of the port community that we lead for the benefit of our customers. 


Ports of Normandy comprises 3 ports, covering 7 sectors and employing 150 people who work closely with our 4 port operators and all our partners.


Together, we propose a comprehensive range of port services, top-notch professionalism and a fast response, combined with the unwavering concern to make good use of public money and with firmly pragmatic and sincere intentions of preserving the environment


Our organisation

A riddle:  I own 3 ports but I don’t directly operate them.


I am funded by 7 different local authorities. 


As manager of the ports, I ensure that their organisation runs smoothly.


I work with 5 port operators and 5 ferry companies. 


I own buildings covering more than 60,000 m². Who am I?  Ports of Normandy! 


A picture paints a thousand words, so what better way to tell you about the Ports of Normandy’s ecosystem than this gallery.

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Ports of Normandy organisation chart
Ports of Normandy organisation chart
Organigramme de Ports de Normandie
Ports of Normandy projects
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Future rail-road transport terminal area ®Jérôme Houyet - Biplan
Rail-road transport terminal

Brief overview 

Brittany Ferries plans to run a train daily between Bayonne and Cherbourg-en-Cotentin in both directions, thus moving 20,000 heavy goods vehicle trailers through the port. Currently 50,000 trailers move through the port annually.  


By connecting Spain to England and Ireland through a combination of road, rail and maritime transport, the port and the ferry operator not only ensure their financial future, but also bring a concrete solution to the pressing question of energy transition: 1 tonne of CO2 per trailer. By developing this type of traffic, Ports of Normandy aims to establish the Port of Cherbourg’s position in cross-Channel trade.  


To give substance to the project, Ports of Normandy intends to develop in the ferry terminal, that is to say as close as possible to the ferry loading ramps, a rail-road transport platform which can process ®Lohr-type wagons. Works to build the terminal should get underway this year and be completed by 2024.  


Given that the project is a major investment, a public consultation was organised between 20 June to 15 July 2022 so that the project could be presented to local residents, the inhabitants of Cherbourg, to the stakeholders of the port and all those who will be impacted by the project. 

Actuel pont de Colombelles
®Ports de Normandie
Replacement of the Colombelles Bridge

Brief overview

This bridge is an essential link between the east and west halves of Greater Caen. It is used every day by 18,000 vehicles, 7% of which are heavy goods vehicles.  However, it no longer has the technical capacity to accommodate the traffic that is currently using it. It is showing signs of fatigue and vehicles over 7.5 tonnes have now been banned from using it. Breakdowns are constantly reoccurring, causing major traffic disruption. It is therefore no longer reasonable to maintain a bridge that suffers from random interruptions of service which disrupt both road and canal traffic.  


The bridge will therefore be replaced with a new one. This new structure will be the main link between the new residential and commercial development La Presqu’Ile Hérouvillaise and the historic town. It aims to accommodate all the various users (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers) in complete safety while ensuring the proper management of ships using the canal.  


In terms of maritime use, the new bridge is going to be similar to the existing one. In other words, it will be a swing bridge operated by Ports of Normandy’s remote control system for all such structures. It will provide a navigation channel that is 40 metres wide and can accommodate all types of vessel likely to pass through the locks at Ouistreham. The clearance gauge under the bridge will be between 4.10 m and 5.50 m so that leisure craft for activities such as rowing, or future river shuttles can pass under without the bridge needing to be opened.

Colbert Bridge ®Biplan-S.Leroy
Restoration of Colbert Bridge

Brief overview 

Registered as a historic monument in 2020, Colbert Bridge will be undergoing a complete restoration. Its structure, comprising a mixture of the original puddled steel and post-war steel, is in very poor condition and is going to be restored. We are also going to renovate its road surface and enlarge the pavements to give access to people with restricted mobility.  


Civil engineering works are also planned: repairs to the paving of the bridge’s turning circle, restoration of the stairs, the travel stops and the top-section of the quay... as well as the restoration of the operator’s cabin and the renovation of the power station façade. Lastly, the operation includes installing lighting to illuminate the bridge at night.  


Learn more about these historic works on the dedicated website!  


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