Port of Dieppe

Port de Dieppe
Port of Dieppe©Biplan-S.Leroy
Port de Dieppe
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Port de Dieppe
Port of Dieppe®Biplan - S. Leroy
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Port de Dieppe
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Port de Dieppe
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Port of Dieppe

Welcome to the Port of Dieppe

Port in the town, town in the port: the relationship between the port and the town is an intimate one. Situated halfway between London and Paris, at the heart of a dynamic regional economy, the Port of Dieppe offers a varied range of services carried out by teams who are very attached to their port:


- A cross-Channel line linking Dieppe to Newhaven in 4 hours, up to 4 times a day, for freight and tourist vehicles, operated by DFDS


- 82,000 m² of hardstanding adjacent to the quays and 25,000 m² of warehouse space


- 5 berths alongside with draughts of 6–12 m, accessible to vessels of up to 160 m long for dry bulk and industrial breakbulk


- Numerous lifting devices including 3 mobile cranes of 40, 60 and 120 tonnes


- A 7,500 m² area for ship repairs including a 360 tonne boat lift


- A very high-quality inshore fishing industry – quality label for scallops – and a fish market which processes on average 3,500 tonnes per year


- 530 berths in a 5-star marina in the heart of the town and 292 dry berths


Dieppe is also an industrial port, specialised in the food processing (Olatein) and ship building (Manche Industrie Marine) sectors mainly

Useful information

Jérôme Chauvet

Directeur du développement et de la Promotion

+33(0)6 24 08 86 16
Key Figures
350 000
cross-Channel passengers per year
1,5 MT
of freight
marina berths and 292 dry berths
quality label (label rouge) for scallops
vessels dry docked per year
direct jobs and 170 indirect jobs
Map of Port of Dieppe
Plan du port de Dieppe
Stakeholders of the Port of Dieppe
Logo Ports de Normandie
Port Authority

Ports of Normandy directs operations (delegated to our port operators) and policing (harbourmasters).


Who are we?

Logo régie du port de Dieppe
Port operator

The Régie d’Exploitation oversees the activities of the Port of Dieppe: freight, fishing, leisure, ship repairs


Harbourmaster's office

Harbour Master office organises the berthing and movements of vessels in the harbour, is responsible for the surveillance and security of the port and its facilities, and enjoys regulatory and policing powers.

Ferry company

DFDS offers up to 3 rotations daily to Newhaven.


Port de Dieppe remorquage

Thomas Services Maritimes is Port of Dieppe’s partner for towing operations.


Lamanage port de Dieppe
Mooring services

This service is provided by the Coopérative du Lamanage of the ports of Rouen and Dieppe.


Pilotage port de Dieppe

The pilots of the Syndicat du Pilotage de la Seine guide vessels into Dieppe harbour.


Manutentionnaires Port de Dieppe
Shipping agents

Shipping agents represent the shipowner or the charterer during the ship’s visit.




Manuentionnaires port de Dieppe

Vessel loading and unloading operations are provided by handlers.




Current projects
Port of Dieppe ®L'Europe vue du ciel
Future maintenance facility for the Dieppe-Le-Tréport offshore wind farm

Brief overview 

The maintenance facility development is situated in the outer harbour, to the north of Gaston Lalitte quay. It comprises: 

  • 850 m² of open air storage  
  • 900 m² of offices 
  • 1,000 m² of hangars  
  • A car park for about fifty vehicles  
  • A 90 m pontoon which can accommodate three 30-metre vessels  


Ports of Normandy will prepare the plot of land and everything relating to mooring the ships. Eoliennes en Mer Dieppe - Le Tréport (EMDT) will build the building and the car parks. Currently the Gaston Lalitte quay is used for unloading aggregates from the sea and heavy cargo on to hardstanding covering more than 50,000 m². The development works directed by Ports of Normandy (rip-rap, dredging and pontoon construction) will be situated to the east of the pier, in line with the current rip-rap, and will extend the hardstanding by 4,000 m² and include the construction of pontoons.  


Colbert Bridge ®Biplan-S.Leroy
Restoration of Colbert Bridge

Brief overview 

Registered as a historic monument in 2020, Colbert Bridge will be undergoing a complete restoration. Its structure, comprising a mixture of the original puddled steel and post-war steel, is in very poor condition and is going to be restored. We are also going to renovate its road surface and enlarge the pavements to give access to people with restricted mobility.  


Civil engineering works are also planned: repairs to the paving of the bridge’s turning circle, restoration of the stairs, the travel stops and the top-section of the quay... as well as the restoration of the operator’s cabin and the renovation of the power station façade. Lastly, the operation includes installing lighting to illuminate the bridge at night.  


Learn more about these historic works on the dedicated website!  


Port of Dieppe ®Ports de Normandie
A new floating breakwater for the marina

Brief overview 

The floating breakwater entered service in 1996 and protects the marina by attenuating the force of the swell and the waves coming from the harbour access channel.  


Semi-submersible, the breakwater comprises a line of 7 caissons that rise and fall with the tide, and are held in place by metal piles. The total length of the structure is approximately 95 m.  


During construction, the choice was made to build a floating structure riding on piles so as to limit the visual impact. Two of the piles are today unusable and the structure only works with four of the seven caissons. The piles are severely corroded.


Ports of Normandy is therefore going to proceed with the replacement of the floating breakwater structure that is currently in service. A consultation with potential contractors was opened in 2020 for the purpose of determining the best solution in terms of technology and budget for the replacement or restoration of the structure.