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Restoration of Colbert Bridge

Brief overview 

Registered as a historic monument in 2020, Colbert Bridge will be undergoing a complete restoration. Its structure, comprising a mixture of the original puddled steel and post-war steel, is in very poor condition and is going to be restored. We are also going to renovate its road surface and enlarge the pavements to give access to people with restricted mobility.  


Civil engineering works are also planned: repairs to the paving of the bridge’s turning circle, restoration of the stairs, the travel stops and the top-section of the quay... as well as the restoration of the operator’s cabin and the renovation of the power station façade. Lastly, the operation includes installing lighting to illuminate the bridge at night.  


Learn more about these historic works on the dedicated website!  


Useful information


€19,6m have been allocated to this project, funded by:  

  • Normandy Region Council: €9,7 M
  • Seine Maritime Council: €3,3 M
  • Europe (FEDER): €2 M
  • French State: €4.4 M
  • Ports of Normandy: €0.2 M
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Port de Dieppe : travaux Pont Colbert
Pont Colbert à Dieppe
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Mars 2023
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1er semestre 2024
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24 janvier 2024
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