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Port of Ouistreham ©F. Monier
Port Chantereyne (Cherbourg) ©B. Almodovar
Port of Caen ®F.Monier-7ème Ciel
Port of Dieppe ®Biplan S. Leroy
Pleasure traffic

An industry undergoing radical change


Accessible 24/7, our 4 marinas offer 3,200 wet berths and 250 dry berths along the Channel coast. They are equipped with modern shore facilities, refuelling, freshwater and electricity. The cruising waters from Seine Bay to the Channel Islands offer a wide variety of destinations. Our marinas are very experienced at welcoming cruising sailors from France and Northern Europe, and are a great way to discover all the major tourist sites in Normandy.


They are home to a comprehensive range of top-quality shops and technical services for national and international customers, including cranage facilities and hard standing, chandleries, marine stores, electronics, new and second-hand sales and rental with all the major brands, trailer sales, and sailmaking.


Their sailing clubs and schools regularly host prestigious races such as the Channel Race, the Figaro, the Rolex Fastnet, and the Drheam Cup.

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Caen-Ouistreham marinas

An outer harbour accessible 24/7 and 750 wet berths spread across two marinas, one in Ouistreham and the Saint Pierre Dock in Caen city centre, are well-sheltered havens for riding out the storm!


Caen-Ouistreham Marina has all the services you would expect, including premium technical services. To access the marina you have to sail up a 15 km canal which features Pegasus Bridge and views of the Château de Bénouville before arriving at Caen city centre, the heart of Normandy.


Ouistreham is the leading boat sales centre in Normandy and offers a wide variety of products.


Nautisme Caen Ouistreham


Cherbourg marina

Accessible at all times regardless the state of the tide, and protected by the largest artificial harbour in Europe, Chantereyne Marina has 1,600 berths.


Lying at the heart of the Channel, just a short distance from the British Isles and exceptional cruising waters, Cherbourg Marina is a very busy place with 5,000 visitors annually – the largest in France –, regular regattas, offshore races and more.


Marina facilities and the professionals of the Cherbourg marine industry provide comprehensive services, including maintenance, refitting and customisation of recreational craft (sailing boats, catamarans) and trawlers, and in a wide range of materials (GRP, aluminium, steel, wood, etc.).


Dieppe marina

At the heart of the historic town, close to the shops and services, the five-star marina has 800 berths and modern shore facilities. It also offers what is still an innovative service in the boating industry: the dry stack marina.


Accessible regardless of the state of the tide, the marina offers all the services you would expect from a major marina. This is the key to its success with visitors from the Benelux countries whose numbers are increasing year on year!


Current projects
Actuel pont de Colombelles
®Ports de Normandie
Replacement of the Colombelles Bridge

Brief overview

This bridge is an essential link between the east and west halves of Greater Caen. It is used every day by 18,000 vehicles, 7% of which are heavy goods vehicles.  However, it no longer has the technical capacity to accommodate the traffic that is currently using it. It is showing signs of fatigue and vehicles over 7.5 tonnes have now been banned from using it. Breakdowns are constantly reoccurring, causing major traffic disruption. It is therefore no longer reasonable to maintain a bridge that suffers from random interruptions of service which disrupt both road and canal traffic.  


The bridge will therefore be replaced with a new one. This new structure will be the main link between the new residential and commercial development La Presqu’Ile Hérouvillaise and the historic town. It aims to accommodate all the various users (pedestrians, cyclists, drivers) in complete safety while ensuring the proper management of ships using the canal.  


In terms of maritime use, the new bridge is going to be similar to the existing one. In other words, it will be a swing bridge operated by Ports of Normandy’s remote control system for all such structures. It will provide a navigation channel that is 40 metres wide and can accommodate all types of vessel likely to pass through the locks at Ouistreham. The clearance gauge under the bridge will be between 4.10 m and 5.50 m so that leisure craft for activities such as rowing, or future river shuttles can pass under without the bridge needing to be opened.

Repose Pont de la Fonderie
Restoration of La Fonderie Bridge

Brief overview

Since it entered service in 1952, La Fonderie Bridge has been the principal link between Avenue de Tourville and the Caen “peninsula”.


This swing bridge is managed by Ports de Normandy and requires a major restoration, including asbestos removal, surface stripping, rust protection, restoration of its metal structure, and repainting. 


Port of Dieppe ®Ports de Normandie
A new floating breakwater for the marina

Brief overview 

The floating breakwater entered service in 1996 and protects the marina by attenuating the force of the swell and the waves coming from the harbour access channel.  


Semi-submersible, the breakwater comprises a line of 7 caissons that rise and fall with the tide, and are held in place by metal piles. The total length of the structure is approximately 95 m.  


During construction, the choice was made to build a floating structure riding on piles so as to limit the visual impact. Two of the piles are today unusable and the structure only works with four of the seven caissons. The piles are severely corroded.


Ports of Normandy is therefore going to proceed with the replacement of the floating breakwater structure that is currently in service. A consultation with potential contractors was opened in 2020 for the purpose of determining the best solution in terms of technology and budget for the replacement or restoration of the structure. 



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