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Port de Caen-Ouistreham Bassin Saint-Pierre
Dredging Saint-Pierre Dock

Brief overview


Saint-Pierre Dock is situated at the heart of Caen city centre and accommodates a marina and nautical events. Currently the depth is preventing the marina from operating to its fullest extent, including the hosting of exceptional vessels and racing events. Dredging operations in the dock and its access canal are scheduled for the winter of 2024–25 with the extraction of approximately 30,000 m³ of sediment.  The sediment will be decontaminated with a view to using it for landscaping works. Prior to this, the Government must award an environmental permit before the project can get underway.  


In the interim, so the marina could continue to host the Normandy Channel Race, the bottom of the dock was levelled in May 2022. The goal was to move the sediment from the ridged areas to the hollower areas of the dock floor using a levelling bar towed by a tug.    

Useful information


The overall budget for the operation is €3.4M and is co-funded by: 

  • Normandy Regional Council: €1.35 M
  • Caen: €1.2 M
  • Caen la Mer urban area: €0.25 M
  • Ports of Normandy: €0.6 M


Nivelage bassin St Pierre
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Nivelage bassin St Pierre
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Nivelage bassin St Pierre
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