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Cherbourg harbour master office

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The harbourmaster’s office is manned 24/7 by seven port lieutenants under the authority of the Harbourmaster and his Deputy. They work on behalf of the Government and the Ports of Normandy to police:


  • Port operations (allocation of berths and occupancy of hardstanding areas)
  • The conservation of the port’s public domain
  • Traffic on the water (organisation of movements of ships, boats and other floating vessels in, out and around the port)
  • Hazardous goods


Finally, the harbourmaster’s office plays a part in collecting, transmitting and broadcasting shipping information and in maintaining relations with users.


Useful Information

Cherbourg Harbourmaster'sOffice

VHF 12

+33(0)2 33 20 41 25
Notice to users

Port notices are intended mainly to inform Cherbourg port users of any expected events within the port’s administrative boundaries.



Port regulations

Below you will find all the regulations applicable inside and outside the Cherbourg port boundaries.